JAKI’S Collections

Mission and Goals:


Established in 2019, Jaki’s Collections Company will create jobs to assist our City Government in restoring the inner community of Detroit of blight and poverty. Jaki’s Collections will also provide the following services:  

  • Computer classes
  • Sewing classes
  • Training on using lawn/snow removal equipment
  • Secure housing for homeless individuals
  • Provide clothing
  • Teach marketing and production skills  

The ultimate goal is to hire young unemployed individuals between the ages of 18 to 30.  This group represents the highest rate of unemployment in the City of Detroit.  In addition, the City of Detroit has the highest crime and recidivism rate in the country, due in part, to a lack of jobs, education and survivor skills necessary to live a quality life.

Jacqueline has over 20 years of business experience; 25 years' experience in information technology; 30 years in community services, providing aide to those in need.  She also holds a master degree in Administration. In addition, for 10 years Jacqueline has worked with the Angel Tree Program.  The program provides families of in-mates with clothes and toys for Christmas.  

As a supplier, receiving PO’s, or creating a new patented technology, Jaki’s Collections will be able to provide jobs for those individuals seeking employment which is the goal of the company.  Furthermore, as a member of Global Empowerment Ministries in Detroit, we are encouraged to help restore a sense of pride, unity and dignity to the inner City providing a stable income to those in need.

We look forward to establishing a rewarding relationship with your company.  


Submitted by Jacqueline Jones, President/CEO, Jaki’s Collections, LLC